Clearing the Argument in Homeopathic HCG

There are many online arguments in health blogs and fitness forums setting the record straight whether homeopathic HCG treatments work or not. The number of people discussing the said disagreement has increased due to fitness trends in relation with HCG as researched and introduced by Dr. Simeons back in 1954, which have attracted health buffs who like to transform their stored fat into functional flab. The dispute begins with claims that homeopathic remedies do not work due to the loss of the hormone, as the dilution process breaks the components down and leaves nothing in the end. However, there are researchers and doctors who claim otherwise.

Surveying various sites about the information of HCG and homeopathic HCG always depends on the people who disclose reports on the diverse claims that diluted HCG does not produce better results. There are blogs that come from people claiming that they have experienced using such weight loss methods and proving it incompetent, while basing their knowledge on the research of other individuals. Some studies, as they claim, show that creating homeopathic remedies only reverses symptoms and not directly cures the situation, in this case, losing weight and converting it to structural fat as what HCG usually does for the person.

In addition, assuming that homeopathic HCG not having adequate amounts of HCG hormones also stands on the assertion that potency for diluted elements is only applied on homeopathic medicines but not hormones. As curiosity in such statements has aroused the interest of doctors who have undergone the study of using HCG in improving diet solutions, they conducted experiments to see how a person will react on implementing a 500 calorie diet with HCG hormones, with the homeopathized version, and without applying any kind of supplement. There is confirmation that both the hormone-based and the homeopathic solution provide an experience for the individual not being hungry and having less craving for food.

Despite the first hand research completed by some specialists, there are other professionals sharing the fact through social media that homeopathic HCG does not bring out the results that it proffers for patients and users. However, such allegations turn out  as assumptions without having any immediate encounters of having it used to their patients and confirming their statements, fearing that it might risk their reputation as experts. On the other hand, there are physicians in various locations who have tested and used Homeopathic Hormonal treatments that brought in consistent success.

In short, the disparity on the potency of homeopathic HCG treatments no longer stand on whether the remedy works or not, but who has made such declarations and if they have the medical and scientific evidence to prove it. Clearing the argument in the end, based on research, experimentation, and conclusions made by doctors, the diluted hormone works just as effective as the raw hormonal solution, which assists the individual in improving experiences in conducting low carb diets without feeling too hungry. As a result, the person loses weight faster, takes off inches better, and approaches dieting happier.

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