Hcg diet frequently asked questions

As we all know it was in 1954 that the English doctor Simeons described a new dietary method that combined a reduction of the food intake with daily injections of hCG.
The amount of calories one is allowed in a day is really small: 500 calories a day, so more than dieting we should speak of “modified fasting”, in which those very few calories come almost exclusively from proteins, in order to try to preserve as much as possible the skinny tissue of the subject.

Hcg diet frequently asked questions

I hear there are injection involved
Well it is true that Dr Simeons was injecting his patients with 125 UI of hCG every morning, but thankfully technology has moved leaps and bounds and now we can safely assume the required amount of hormone with pills or using an oral solution.
There are also natural ways of boosting our own production of hCG hormone, to find out about complimentary therapies to boost hormone production check out http://www.emthow.com/

How long do I need to stay on 500 Calories a day?
Currently, each treatment cycle lasts for 26 days, but you will take the hormone for only 23 days. As we said the hormone can be taken either through injections (some people says it is more effective this way), with pills or sublingual drops. The treatment can be extended to 43 days, in which you will take the hormone for 40 days.

Do I only get weight loss or there are other benefits?
Advocates of this method say that those who follow an hCG diet tend to maintain the weight loss achieved more easily. It is said that thanks to the hormone you will notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin, you will sleep better, and you will feel more energetic and have a more positive mood because the body reacts positively to the hCG formula and healthy food.

Will I be starving?
No, bot at all! The magic trick is the hCG hormone, that makes us not just feel satisfied with our meals, but also it will make us feel full of energy.
There are many lovely and satisfying recopies that can be had in this diet, and we know that Mery Berry is writing a new book with amazing recopies that will take you through the induction phase of the diet.

Here is a Sample day
Breakast: One boiled egg
A Cup of tea with a spoonful of milk

Lunch: Courgette “Pasta”
Ok, this is not really pasta is a spiralized courgette in tomato sauce, but it’s delicious and nutritious .
You will need a spiralizer, you can find a decent one on amazon for less than 5 GBP
Once you spiralised the courgette you should cook it in salted boiling water for 3 minutes.
Top up with two spoonful of a “diet” tomato sauce (Weight Watchers does and amazing one) an you are done

Dinner: Slow cooked chicken “tacos”
Combine one cup of chicken stock with 3 tablespoons of taco seasoning spices and place together with one pound of boneless and skinless chicken breast in the slow cooker, and cook on low for 6 hours.
Shed half of red onion, half a green pepper and two tomatoes and dress with the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.
Now of course you can have “real” tacos, you have to stick to 500 calories a day !!!
But fear not the perfect solution is to use a lettuce leaf instead of a taco!
Shred the chicken finely then fill your diet taco.

It wasn’t too bad, was it ?
You have decent meals even sticking to 500 calories a day, and thanks to the hCG you will not feel hungry.

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