The Verity of HCG Diet

Diet is such a strong word that pronounces sorrow and blissful rewards to self-confessed individuals who badly need it. Sorrow is part of the refining process to gain the delightful effects of achieving the desired weight while promoting good health. It focuses on the positive side and not on mental, physical, and social agony of restricting oneself from too much indulgence on food that has unnecessary elements that triggerincreased calories, weight gain, and other weight-related health problems. This is why different diet programs are established to tailor perfectly in each need. Nonetheless, the medically proven HCG Diet still holds the rank and at its debate for its authenticity and verity.

HCG Diet is a complete and accurate combination and description of all the diets formed and prepared according to series of observations, evaluations, and medical prescriptions that usually come from nutritionists or physicians. It varies based on the person’s condition where effectiveness of each instituted and authorized program fits and suits each individual’s responses. However, digesting the sequence and procedure of definition would draw everyone closer to the primary components of the HCG plan. Aside from oral drops and shots, it also covers maintenance of crackers, biscuits, bread sticks, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat meat protein.

Hence, technically and scientifically speaking, HCG Diet has evolved since the time of Dr. Simeons, a British physician in 1954 who discovered the benefits of HCG in losing unwanted fats and excessive weight. It is the acronym of a human hormonal agent known as the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is normally present in pregnant women. It is found inside the placenta. It produces necessary substances for fetal development and health maintenance of the mother. It also exists in men but it is limited within the sedentary cellular material.

The thorough research compiled and published by Dr. Simeons was validated and strengthened by Kevin Trudeau with affirmation from one of his best seller books entitled “The Weight Loss Cures “They” Don’t Want you to Know About” that supported the argument and conclusion of  Dr. Simeons that HCG effectively reduces weight. This hormone actually breaks down unnecessary fat components, especially unsaturated fats and later converts it into fuel to support the necessary functions in the body. With this revelation and analysis simply explained by Dr. Simeons, HCG diet was carried out and conceived in a long-term development and formation.

HCG diet does not converge to options for shots or oral drops, but it also relies on the strong adherence to a doctor’s advice to shed off extra pounds. The standard treatment for this diet normally lasts within 6 weeks or 43 days at its longest, receiving 40 injections wherein an individual could discard 15 to 28 kilograms (34 to 40 pounds). This is where a limited intake of calories is prescribed, identifiable on the third shot to help the body get through the process. This is efficient, impressive, and practical to those who cannot get hold of the time to schedule daily workouts because it is not stressful yet powerful.

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